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KUMTEK began business with the purpose of selling non-asbestos high temperature resistant materials for local major industries in Taiwan. That is still one of KUMTEK's main focus today

Over the years, we have continuously and consistently endeavored to achieve our goal of being "One stop for Customer's needs in the filled of High Temperature Insulation Protection Materials and Fabricated Products.

"With this objective, we have grown to be one of the leaders in Taiwan in the fields of High Temperature Insulation Materials, non-metallic flexible joints, Compensator, Insulation Jacket & Heating Jackets.

We are also recognized by the industries as the one of most diversified, competitive and knowledgeable supplier of non-asbestos high temperature resistant textiles and materials.

Your Solution for Expansions & Insulations Since 1989.

桃園市楊梅區高獅路 813 巷 26 弄 7 號

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